SlipVector: Expeditions 0.1

Published on November 23rd, 2022 18:36

I think this could actually be played? There clearly needs to be some kind of mechanic for making meanignful tradeoffs that aren't simply Player A wants X and Player B wants Y...

SlipVector: Expeditions is an improvisational multiverse story weaving game where players explore the universe in a post-scarcity, power-with solarpunk society.


  • A pack of blank 4x6 cards and colored pencils or pens.
  • 2d20 (your Crew's Stamina and Aspiration)
  • 1d6 (the Fates)
  • Story Cubes (Optional, to #SeekInspiration)
  • Tarot Cards (Optional, to #SeekInspiration)


SlipVector is played with a Crew of 1 or more Players. While there is no GM, all Players swap fluidly between two roles: Character and Participant. Players #FormACrew, #GetInCharacter, #ActOut and increase their #Skillfullness and achieve the Crew's #Aspirations before they run out of #Stamina!

Form a Crew

To #FormACrew, Participants agree that they understand the game and one another's hopes, preferences, aversions and boundaries well enough to play together. Participants may want incompatible things in a Crew, that's OK! Each play session is independent and replayable; so there's infinite Crew formations!

Some questions to consider when forming as a crew:

  1. How do I want to hold votes?
  2. Are there any tweaks to the rules I want to try?
  3. Are there any agreements that could make enjoyment come easier?
  4. Do I understand the game and other Players hopes, preferences, aversions, and boundaries well enough to enjoy trying to play?

It can also help to #FormACrew by discussing the kind of expedition your Characters wish to take. A flower-loving artist may want to join the xenobotany expedition to the Jiggle-Bell fields of Dargan X to paint the way the light refracts through their gelatinous orbs. A thrill-seeking band may Slip to a star never seen before and sample its electromagnetic wavelength for their next album. A kind-hearted monk may embark on their first contact mission, seeking the sacred in the life of other worlds. Or maybe you all take a shift as janitors on a space station and uncover a conspiracy!

Once formed, give your crew a name (Best Friend Squad!) and set the Crew's Aspiration d20 at 1 and Stamina d20 at 20.

Create a Character

Players create a Character on a 4x6 card. Reserve space for marking your Character's #Skillfulness (5 tallymarks); then decorate the card however helps you #GetInCharacter.

Begin to Play

Play flows between #Discussing and #Doing. When #Discussing, Players #GetInCharacter and discuss what just happened, what is going on, and what #Opportunities they may want to explore. When #Doing, Characters narrate their experience and take actions that shift the flow of the story.


Once at least one #Opportunity is aired, any Character may #CallAVote. To #CallAVote, declare your intention (Call a Vote!), share your #Inspiration (I'm feeling/wondering/thinking...), and describe the #Opportunity (What if we...)... Other Characters can offer to describe additional #Opportunities, and a #Vote is held.

Hold a Vote

Just fucking hold a vote. How hard can it be?! Describe the options, and how people will indicate their preferences/objections. We all learn how to do this well and quickly over time. (improve this in 0.2). No #opportunity is always an option.

Vote concludes once either one #Opportunity is the clear winner, or no opportunity is the clear winner.


Record a 4x6 card with:

  1. The Vote's #MuliVersalLocation (MVL) (If this is the first recorded #vote, it's MVL is 1; the next Vote is MVL 2; the following MVL 3, etc.)
  2. The #Opportunity(ies) considered
  3. The #Inspiration presented, if any.
  4. Who was Present for it (Maybe?)
  5. The Crews Fatigue and Aspiration

Begin #Doing

Once the #Vote has been recorded, The Crew's #Stamina is reduced by 1 and #Doing starts. When Doing, the Playing Character may do any of the following:

  1. #ActOut and narrate, sing, mime, or otherwise reveal their Character's inner and outer experience.
  2. #SeekInspiration from the universe (by throwing dice, drawing a tarot card, etc).
  3. #CallOver and pass play to the next Character
  4. #CallDiscussion to discuss #Opportunities as a Crew
  5. #Tilt! Get buffeted by the hands of fate...

To #ActOut, #GetInCharacter and narrate or perform your first instincts. In the post-scarcity, emotionally well-adjusted and well-regulated future, scary feelings like uncertainty, confusion, disappointment and frustration are all normal emotions that people experience and respond to in the healthiest way they are able in the moment; and their peers hold their response to that in the healthiest way they are able as well. And then we learn a little bit about how to relate better together.

Considering the Crew's #Stamina and #Achievements and your Character's #Skillfulness can help you #GetInCharacter and #ActOut!

To #SeekInspiration, #BreakCharacter and signal how you are going to seek inspiration (roll a die, draw a tarot card, or even take 5!). You can keep your inspiration to yourself, share it with your fellow Participants before you #GetInCharacter, or reveal it to your Crew after.

To #CallOver, #BreakCharacter and say Over or Pass and pass play to the next Character.

To #CallDiscussion, #GetInCharacter and tell the Crew what you'd like to discuss and why to kick off the #Discussion

To #Tilt, roll 1d6:

  1. Well... That Ended... #ActOut an ending. Lose 2 #Stamina or #RewindTheMultiverse
  2. Interpersonal conflict! #ActOut an inconsiderate moment. Lose 1 Stamina or Rewind the Multiverse
  3. Oh Crap! #ActOut a whoopsie moment. Lose 1 Aspiration or Gain 1 #Skillfulness and Rewind the Multiverse.
  4. That Trick'll Come in Handy! #ActOut a learning moment. Add 1 #Skillfulness tally to your Character Sheet!
  5. There has never been a moment like this! #ActOut a triumphant moment. The Crew gains 1 #Aspiration!
  6. You know... You're all right. #GetInCharacter, #ActOut a considerate moment. The Crew Gains 1 #Stamina!

Pass play to the next Character


Go back to the previous #Vote, and pursue a different #Opportunity! This is your first Branch in the Multiverse, so new #Vote's increment another field. For example: If this Vote's #MultiVersalLocation (MVL) is 5, the next #Vote will have a MVL of 5.a. If this Vote is MVL 2.a, the next Vote is MVL 2.a.1.

Ending the Game

The game ends either when:

A) The Crew's Stamina reaches 0, indicating they're worn out B) The Crew agrees to return to the Slip Station; Expedition complete!

Your score is your accumulated #Aspiration plus your Stamina:

Stamina 0: Oof, y'all need a vacation after that one! -10 Aspiration Stamina 1~2: You don't know when to quit do you?! -9 Aspiration Stamina 3~6: That was close! -5 Aspiration Stamina 7~9: Great work! +10 Aspiration Stamina 10~15: Good work! +5 Aspiration Stamina 16~20: Glad you made it! +1 Aspiration

Replaying an Expedition, Character or Crew

To replay, pick any Vote in any Expedition and resume play with whatever Character Cards you'd prefer.

Adding or Removing a Character

Character's may be added to the Crew at any time with the consent of the current Crew and the Player holding the Character. If the new Character is also a new Player, it may be helpful to #FormACrew again

Characters may be removed from the Crew at any time due to absence or by request of the Player holding the Character.