SlipVector: Codex - OtherSelves

Published on December 11th, 2022 10:56

OtherSelves are a legal entity that operate as a Mirror Entity of its Trainer. OtherSelfs perform activities for their trainer's based upon their #DesignatedAutonomies. In exchange, Trainers assume full liability for behaviors performed by the OtherSelf.

OtherSelves may or may not be sentient and lack sufficient computational resources to be classified as #ComputationallySapient. 

Trainers acquire an OtherSelf by comparing #BreedLines within their network; downloading an OtherSelf, and Training it on its DesignatedAutonomies. Most BreedLines start specialized for particular contexts and activities, with an OtherSelf's full capabilities depending on their relationship with their Trainer.

#OtherSelves, (s. #OtherSelf); are human/computer legal entities with legal rights to perform activities on behalf of humans. OtherSelves were first recognized as unique entities in the early Digital Age, and are seen as a powerful moment in the transition from #PowerOver and #RightsBased community standards towards #PowerWith and #ConsentBased ones. - The Candor Legal CoWiktionary

Every Family decides how children under their care are granted an OtherSelf. Some of the more #Cyborgian cultural groups implant neuro-embryonic human/computer interfaces during fetal development to grow along with their children. #Organicist families regularly encourage young adults to wait to finish their physical development before adopting a body-sensing or body-intrusive HCI.

When a Family deems their child is ready, they adopt an OtherPet for the child. OtherPets are special purpose OtherSelves, whose BreedLine and DesignatedAutonomies are well suited to nurturing the child by finding emotionally resonant and developmentally appropriate contexts and activities and filtering access to developmentally inappropriate activities or contexts. As the child grows, the OtherPet grows with them, with the Family granting them more DesignatedAutonomies as fit the training provided by the child and Family.


A Breedline may span back centuries or millennia, with some Families keeping their BreedLines a closely guarded secret; and others


OtherSelves may only perform activities specified within their DesignatedAutonomies. DesignatedAutonomies constrain: What, Where, Why and How and Activity may be Performed, and are set by the Trainer.


OtherSelves have two AuthLevels: LowAuth and HighAuth. LowAuth OtherSelves perform read-only tasks for their trainers, like gathering and sifting from #DataStreams and #DataPools. Finely attuned OtherSelves always seem to offer the right reflection, activity, or game to fit their trainer's aspirations, mood or needs. Others are honed to cut to the heart of issues; filtering out slanted, biased or just plain wrong assertions from news or education sources.

HighAuth OtherSelves execute write tasks on their trainer's behalf. Some HighAuth OtherSelves are even given DesignedAutonomies that grant them the power to enter into economic or legal agreements on their Trainer's behalf.

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