Organizing Projects into a "Work Garden"

Published on February 25th, 2023 11:23

Task-based work-flows, such as KanBan boards, project backlogs, etc. are great for keeping track of what's going on and what is the next most important thing. But they struggle for things like:

  1. What is the goal here?
  2. What is working well?
  3. What wants more love?
  4. What scary bits are there?

I've been exploring using what I call a Feature Garden for organizing work on Convene. Each Github issue:

  • Outlines the Use Cases the issue provides, with emoji's indicating how well a particular Use Case is working and whether it's something we're investing in now, how it makes us feel, etc.
  • Is a fractal! A particular project garden-style issue can link-up to a larger project or link down to smaller projects.
  • Serves as a living document, written by the team maintaining the project.
  • Sticks around! A Work Garden stays as long as the work it grew is worth maintaining. You can totally close them if they're no longer wanting work done, but it's also OK to re-open them!

Anyway, it's weird. Give it a shot? Tell me what you think?

Example Feature Garden

## Feature: Marketplace: Distance Based Delivery Pricing
In the beginning, the [Marketplace]( 
only supported per-Marketplace delivery pricing. 

When chatting with Piikup, we learned that they 
prefer to price based on distance from pickup to 

### Fauxsonas
See [Marketplace Fauxsonas](

### Use Cases

- 🌱 Distributor or Vendor sets Pickup Address
- 🌱 Distributor sets Prices for Delivery
- 🍎 Shopper sets Delivery Address
  - 🌱 ... prior to Checkout
- 🌱 Carts show appropriate Delivery Price based upon 
   Shopper's Delivery Address

#### Legend
  * 🌱 - this use case is still growing!
  * 🍎 - this use case is good enough, but not 
    particularly fancy

### 🚧 Danger Zone 🚧
At this time, we do not have a way of determining driving distance
and are limited to "As the Crow Flies."  We also may not have a way
of getting the latitude and longitude of a particular address just yet. 

We may want to figure out which vendor(s) would most benefit or 
Client-Owners for address lookup and (potentially) driving distance