Lou's Promise

Published on March 15th, 2024 17:35

Everyone has needs. Even at our best, meeting our own needs without anyone else is borderline Sisyphean. The burden of meeting our needs is heavy, and made heavier or lighter based upon our position in society.

How do you get help when your needs are hard to carry and challenging to hand off? Does it require access to wealth? membership in a religious institution? Or perhaps just access to a phone line.

Dial 666 on any phone, or install the 666 app. You'll be connected directly to a Community Care Coordinator, we'll discuss your needs and get you the care you're looking for.

When your hungry, we feed you. When you're wet or cold, we shelter and clothe you. When you're hurting or ill we provide medical care.

That's Lou's Promise. No Soul (or ID) Necessary.