It's My Own God Damn Website

Published on November 10th, 2022 13:23

I don't want to be chained to my fucking laptop to write shit, so I want my own God-Damn Website to have a fucking web form for writing posts.

And I'm way too fucking lazy to actually run a virtual machine running a web app; so of course my god-damn website is hosted on a platform as a service.

And I'm too fucking cheap to spend $14/mo on a fucking web site. That's absurd. Facebook has them for free! So does tumblr! And twitter! And instagram!

So instead of my god-damn website being hosted by me, technically my god-damn website is hosted by a worker owned co-operative of which I am a member; and which I contribute my time, talent, and treasure towards in exchange for being able to say:

This is my God Damn Website. I own this. It's mine.

Everyone should have their own God Damn Website; and it should interoperate with rest of the God Damn Internet.

Thank you and good fucking night. I hope you have your own God Damn Website soon.