Imagine a Safer, more Playful Digital Economy... A 90s Nerd Kid What If?

Published on November 18th, 2022 08:57

What if instead of everyone fighting for relevance in an artificial scarcity deathmatch; the Internet provided spaciousness?

What if instead of worrying about who was going to use your data for what, you could trust that the organizations stewarding your digital lives was accountable to you?

What if instead of job-hopping from sinking ship to sinking ship of poorly managed private equity and venture backed playthings; every tech worker had a regional union and a plethora of worker-owned cooperatives to participate in?

What if instead of the wealth generated by the digital revolution being siphoned up into the coffers of the .001%, it was re-invested into regional communities; driving down costs of housing, food, healthcare, and education by removing them from the speculative market and transitioning them to worker and consumer ownership?

What if?