2022 Domestic Financial Summary

Published on January 2nd, 2023 14:04
  • Gross Income: ~$122k
  • Taxes: ~$30k (Estimated)
  • Other Expenses: ~$73k
  • Net Income: $19k

  • Contributions to 401k: $20,500
  • Contributions to HSA: $3,650
  • Contributions to IRA: $6,000

  • Net Cashflow: ~-$11k
  • Net Worth: ~$288k
  • 2021 EoY Net Worth: ~$318K
  • 2022 Change to Net Worth: -~$30k, -~9%


  • The S&P 500 dropped ~20% in 2022.
  • Most of my assets are in JSTC, an ETF offered by Adisina Social Capital; as pulling cash out of IRA/401(k)s is highly costly.
  • The Median Household income for Alameda County from 2017~2021 was ~$112k in 2021 dollars, per the CIA World Fact Book.
  • The Living Annual Income for the San Francisco Bay Metropolitan Area for a single person raising a child alone was ~$108k in 2022, per the MIT Living Wage Calculator.
  • I took two months off in Q1 2022, for an opportunity cost of ~$10k.